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If you provide SEO copywriting services, you are at some point going to receive requests from clients that indicate that they don’t know a lot about search engine optimization. This is an excellent chance to land long-term clients by the way, which will be discussed a bit later.

I’m an SEO copywriter. I’m often contacted by prospects who SEO group buy tools  obviously don’t know a whole lot about online marketing. For example, they may say something like:

“I would like to rank in top 10 in Google for the keywords ‘ABC hosting’ and ‘ABC hosting US’, kindly provide the best quote for the job.”

At this point you may be wondering what stands out to me in an email like this that clues me in that these types of prospects are newbies to working with SEO copywriting services firms, and indeed to search engine optimization marketing in general. There are quite a few things, but the most prominent is that no website will be listed.

Not only do prospects like this “not” pass along their website address, they usually don’t provide any information at all about their business, their overall marketing strategy, which SEO copywriting services they are inquiring about, etc.

This makes it impossible to even begin to grasp where they need to start. You see, while SEO content is a big part of ranking high in SERPs (search engine results pages), it’s only part of the equation.

Skilled SEO writers provide much more than search engine optimized content. They are an integral part of their client’s overall marketing strategy. Hence, it’s imperative that they know at least part of the overall internet marketing strategy for a firm in order to put together a traffic- and sales-producing SEO content package.

Usually, I explain this in a detailed response, eg, like the following:

“Thank you for contacting us with your SEO content needs. In answer to your query, it’s difficult to give a quote simply because there is not enough information. Ranking high in search engines depends on a lot of factors, eg, types of SEO copy needed, meta url & site structure, internal linking, keyword density, site maps, keyword selection, etc. As this illustrates, without a well-thought-out search engine marketing plan, it’s impossible to “rank high.””

SEO Copywriters: The Easiest Way to Land Clients Who Don’t Know Much about Search Engine Optimization

Clients like this present an excellent opportunity for skilled SEO writers to teach clients. When you take the time to teach prospects, it gets them invested in the whole SEO process because once they understand it, they’re much more likely to invest in it. And, if you’re the ” teaching SEO copywriter,” the SEO writer they’ll invest in is… you!

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